Why Startups Need Search Engine Optimization

Why Startups Need Search Engine Optimization


As a founder of a startup company, you might have a lot of questions concerning your business that needs addressing. Let’s take a good guess. Is it the costs you will incur this year? Were you thinking of hitting ROI in the next three to five years? Or how about this–how would you let people know who you are and the things you can provide to answer their needs? How would you make a website development  or to get your site visible on search engines? Is SEO for startups important?

Setting up a business of your own takes more than just sweat and tears. Startup companies do everything in their power to pull things through. From strategic planning, market research, competitor analysis, capital generation and so on. It is never easy at all.

Despite these challenges, there is no excuse to ignore basic necessities of starting a new venture. Now, to let people find your business and know who you are and what you can offer for them, one of the solutions you can revert to is SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

But really, what is SEO? How can it make startups successful? It is time to take a good look at it.

SEO optimization Is a Staple in Today’s Business

Search Engine Optimization has been around for decades. There is no doubt about it that SEO will continue to rule the online community for years to come. It has become a staple in Digital Marketing that placed many brands where they are right now. Search Engine Optimization helps businesses leave a mark on the minds of consumers. Done properly, SEO is effective in making noise on the World Wide Web.

By definition, SEO optimization or Search Engine Optimization is a digital marketing technique which involves search engine sites, the right keywords, and search triggers. Search Engine Optimization deals with the creative and technical components in helping marketers and business owners achieve top ranks in various search engine sites. The main goal of SEO is website optimization, which means better website traffic, enhanced visibility of the brand, and greater user experience.

Why Do Startups Need SEO optimization?

Imagine life without Search Engine Optimization. Search engine sites such as Ask.com, Bing, Google or Yahoo Search have become part of our day to day activities. For business owners, search engine sites are bridge ways which connect them to their target clientele.

For example, how can a famous beach club in Spain reach its international guests if not for online research and digital marketing? In the business world, the absence of Search Engine Optimization is unthinkable!

When asked if SEO is important for businesses, the answer is definitely yes. Search Engine Optimization is highly significant for startup companies. There has to be a set of well-planned SEO strategies to achieve website optimization and maximum online presence.

1. Successful Brands Are Not Made Overnight

Let us discuss using examples. What airline company do you prefer when traveling abroad? In a survey by the Statistics Portal, among the top factors that travelers consider in choosing an airline are prices, availability of non-stop flights, routes and schedules and customer service.

Now, this one. What is your mobile phone service provider? Did Verizon come to mind? Have you also considered AT&T as an option? No matter which of these brands came to mind, what this actually suggests is that subconsciously you already have a “favorite” service provider when it comes to your telecommunication needs.

Successful brands had their challenges, too. But they worked hard with their corporate marketing strategies. To stay relevant in this Digital World, these companies utilize available means of promoting the brands. In fact in a post by Forbes, it says SEO is relevant and it should be considered by companies. The cost-effectiveness of SEO and the rise of mobile bandwidth are among the reasons why companies invest in SEO.

2. The Rise of the Virtual Market

According to a study, by the International Data Corporation (IDC) which is published at Business Wire, there are an estimated 3.2 billion people with Internet access in 2016. This virtual market is 44% of the world’s overall population. In addition, Search Engine Journal stated that 93% of online experiences start with a search.

The study by IDC explained how the world uses the internet. To highlight, IDC program director Scott Strawn stated.

“Take advantage of this vast virtual market by promoting your new business to them. As a business owner, you cannot afford to miss out on any potential customers. Make sure to exploit this market online through search engine optimization.”

3. SEO is Cost-Effective and Offers Endless Possibilities

As a startup company, financial factors are major considerations. Setting up a company may lead to financial returns in the future but getting to that point can be a bumpy ride with numerous challenges along the way.

Search Engine Optimization is just right for startups. Search Engine Optimization will let you reach out to your target market and give you a steady market for your products and services. For one, it is a cost-effective lead generation platform. Making your brand “searchable” via search engines and visible online, your target customers will most likely find you.

As these customers reach your website, web page or blog, you have just successfully generated leads at a cost that will definitely fit your marketing and sales budget. The rise of social media platforms, video hosting sites, blogs, and other tools made it remarkably cheap to market products and services.

To reiterate Forbes’ post, SEO is low cost in comparison to costs associated with other forms of online marketing (i.e. Social Media ads, purchasing leads, pay-per-click advertising, etc).

Let's summarize. Starting a new venture is like taking a roller coaster ride with no stop. The demands on your time and money may be greater than expected. Challenges come every day from planning to full operation, and they will never cease unless you call it quits. However, with careful planning and proper implementation, some worries can be eliminated. Just take things slowly and overcome challenges one at a time. More importantly, if there is something out there that can relieve you from stress, do not hesitate to grab that opportunity. As simple as considering Search Engine Optimization is a good way to help you start your business. For one, it is not costly yet the benefits it can offer to help grow your business are limitless.

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