General rules for use

The present rules for the use of the websites owned by ROYAL TECHNOLOGY Ltd. apply to every visitor. In addition to these general provisions, there may also be others that must be mentioned on the pages of the web site concerned.

Terms of use

All texts, images and other information posted on ROYAL TECHNOLOGY Ltd sites are owned by ROYAL TECHNOLOGY Ltd and are protected by the Copyright and Related Rights Act as well as all statutory instruments.

ROYAL TECHNOLOGY LTD is not responsible for the texts, images and other information published by the users of the ROYAL TECHNOLOGY LTD sites, and ROYAL TECHNOLOGY LTD reserves the right to remove or edit information that is published by the users.

The use of information from ROYAL TECHNOLOGY LTD's sites via RSS channel is allowed in case this does not harm ROYAL TECHNOLOGY LTD and it is clearly indicated with the name of the site and a link to it from which the material was taken. ROYAL TECHNOLOGY LTD reserves the right at any time to terminate the supply of materials via RSS channel without prior notice.

Copying, using and reproducing information from ROYAL TECHNOLOGY LTD's sites, without the knowledge and consent of ROYAL TECHNOLOGY LTD is forbidden and prosecuted by law.

A person who violates the above-mentioned general terms and conditions has administrative, civil and / or criminal liability for his or her actions and / or inaction.

Every visitor to ROYAL TECHNOLOGY LTD Websites, by commenting an article, agrees to the General Terms of Use of the Web Sites owned by the Company. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the user agrees to the processing of his or her personal data (names and e-mail address) for direct marketing purposes and agrees to receive advertising messages from ROYAL TECHNOLOGY LTD. The user has the right to object to the processing of his / her personal data for the purposes of direct marketing by sending a written message to ROYAL TECHNOLOGY LTD at the specified address or e-mail for contact.

Prices on the site

All prices on the site are without VAT excluded. The site has pages that describe specific prices for our services and are subject to change by ROYAL TECHNOLOGY LTD without notice to users of the site.

Company data

The team of ROYAL TECHNOLOGY LTD specializes in internet advertising, online marketing, site optimization, creation and maintenance of websites and online shops, building and development of brands in the online space, management of internet advertisements, etc.

ROYAL TECHNOLOGY LTD is with administrative address for registration in Europe, Bulgaria, Varna Sotira 323, Entr. A, floor 4, ap. 23, with registration code BG205217579

Querying and Sales

  1. The Client of the Website may make inquiries and to conclude deals with the subject matter of the Services offered on the Website.
  2. When loading the specific Service selected by the client, when loading the specific offer page sent by representatives of Royal Technology LTD., the offer price, the payment period and the procedure for the cancellation of the offer shall be objectified.
  3. The Client accepts electronically through the offer page the specifically offered Service and confirms its agreement with the published terms of Royal Technology LTD., the above actions being an explicit electronic statement of the client for requesting the Service, after which the request of the same is considered made.
  4. When a request is made, Royal Technology Ltd. confirms the request and the start date of the specific offer, the start date of the project should not be more than ten working days after the confirmed payment by the client.
  5. The requests made must be paid in full into the bank account of Royal Technology LTD. according to the terms and conditions for the particular Service, unless different terms of payment are individually negotiated between Royal Technology Ltd. and the client. In case the client fails to pay the due amounts within the specified time, Royal Technology LTD. may cancel the request.
  6. The application shall be considered validly made and enforceable only if Royal Technology LTD. has confirmed the application, respectively, in case the client has confirmed the alternative options offered under p. 4 above and the same has been paid under the conditions of p. 5, sent.. 1 of this section.

Prices and payment methods. Refunds paid.

  1. The prices of the Services published on the Offer Page are determined individually for the particular offer to the given customer.
  2. Payment for the Services purchased may be made by debit / credit card.
  • Payment with credit / debit card is not subject to an additional fee by Royal Technologies Ltd.
  1. Pressing the virtual buttons for "credit card payment" is an electronic statement for the purchase of the specific Service. After choosing a credit card payment method, the customer is transferred to the payment page of the respective payment platform.
  2. The customer guarantees that when paying for requests on the offer page he uses a valid credit card of his company.
  3. Royal Technology Ltd. issues an invoice for the payments made to the Users. The invoice can be sent via email that the customer has left in Contact.
  4. Royal Technology Ltd. issues an invoice to the end user.
  5. In case the Client has paid Royal Technology LTD. for a request, but the Provider, regardless of the reason, has rejected / canceled the latter:
  • Royal Technologies Ltd. did not offer the Client a service with equivalent or similar characteristics at the same price; or
  • Royal Technology Ltd. has offered the Client a service with equivalent or similar characteristics, but at a different price and the Client refuses to purchase the service, the amount should be left as a deposit and used at the next request, or at the explicit request of the Client to be returned.
  1. In case the Client has requested a refund of the amount paid upon a rejected / canceled request, Royal Technology Ltd. orders a refund of the amount paid within 30 (thirty) days from the date of receipt of the payment to her bank account or by ordering a reverse transaction on the card with which the payment was made.
  2. Royal Technology Ltd. returns the amount paid for the rejected / canceled application to the Client's bank account from which the payment was received, the bank charges being at the Client's expense.
  3. In cases where the Client has paid Royal Technology Ltd. for a request, but the Supplier, regardless of the reason, canceled the latter and Royal Technology Ltd. offered to the Client a service with equivalent or similar characteristics at a lower price, which service the Client has stated that he will purchase, the latter has the right to request the return of the balance or to request Royal Technology Ltd. to use the balance for the purchase of other digital services by the Client.
  • The return of the balance shall be made within the terms and according to p. VII. 9 and p. VII. 10 of these General Terms.

Cancellations and reclamations.

  1. Changes and cancellations of the requests may be made by the Client in accordance with the terms of the respective request indicated on the website.
  • Requests made during the cancellation period for which an invoice is issued cannot be refused or modified without penalty.
  • If payment is not made within the time limits specified in the offer, the request shall be canceled automatically without further notice.
  • Customers using monthly subscription services will be automatically billed from the platform and will be invoiced to the Customer for each subsequent month from the date of the request.
  1. If the customer requests and desires to discontinue automatic billing, he must send a firm letter to [email protected]

What are recurring payments?

In the simplest terms, recurring payments (also known as subscription payments) take place when customers authorize a merchant to charge them repeatedly for goods or services on a prearranged schedule. In this case Royal Technology LTD will charge you if you authorize them for a subscription payments. To keep your systems updated and optimize your business properly, we will charge you every first working day of the new month. That is why our subscriptions start on the first of every month.

If you want to unsubscribe you just need to send an email to [email protected] and that will be enough. You must indicate in this email who is your website, company name and reason for termination

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