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Royal Start

Suitable for small companies

  • 2 keywords
  • up to 10 links
  • up to 2 publications

Royal Smart

Suitable for medium-sized companies

  • 4 keywords
  • up to 20 links
  • up to 4 publications

Royal Super

Suitable for large companies

  • 6 keywords
  • up to 30 links
  • up to 6 publications

Royal PRO

Suitable for large stores

  • 8 keywords
  • up to 40 links
  • up to 8 publications

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If you think that your business should be on the Internet, we will help you to acquire new customers for your products and services because we have the necessary solutions!

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What the figures mean from Google data

What the figures mean from Google data

Data enables you to build robust Facebook audience. Data enables you to track and attribute conversions. And, as we’ll tackle today, data enables you to better understand the search engine at the heart of your PPC and SEO optimization efforts: Google.

How to Build Authority in Local SEO

How to Build Authority in Local SEO 2019

Each year that goes by in the SEO optimization community, discussions of the authority behind a site become increasingly prevalent. While authority is definitely earning greater consideration in the broader conversation of SEO, it’s been a particularly critical factor to Local SEO for years.

Should my business use SEO ?

Should my business use SEO ?

If you own a business or manage a website of any kind, you probably want client traffic to it. SEO is important because it is specifically aimed at helping to improve online presence, traffic and ultimately sales of services and products. Does Every Business Need For SEO? In most cases, yes!

SEO optimization in Varna

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the marketing process to increase visibility within the organic search results, for the specific purpose of obtaining more traffic for a website.

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Royal Technology LTD

About Royal Technology LTD

Being the first in Google requires knowledge, skills and perseverance. We offer you all three!

Royal Technology LTD is an online marketing company for SEO optimization, Website development, Web design, Local SEO, Mobile optimization, Adwords ads, Email marketing, Social media management and everything related to online business.

Royal Technology studies and understands your business. Our team of professionals analyze the needs and problems of each client's business by building an individual marketing strategy that is fully tailored to them. The focus is on solving problems and then expanding the business. Customer relationship and constant communication is essential to enable both parties to cooperate in the best possible way and to enjoy the most effective solutions. We use innovative technology for SEO optimization Varna and the website development Varna to provide quality to our clients. It is important for us to provide our customers with quality, not a quantity! By working with us you get a team with personal attitude to your business. A measure of the well-done job is all our satisfied customers.

If you think your business should be on the Internet, we will help you to acquire new customers for your services and products because we have the right solutions and the right SEO services!

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