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AdWords is the Google ad platform that allows your business to be on the first page minutes after creating a campaign. Payment is made on the pay per click method - you pay to Google when a prospective customer clicks on your ad. The price varies from cents to a few leva, depending on the competition and the quality of the campaign.


How do we optimize costs and achieve results?

Know-how from Google

Royal Technology is a Google Certified Partner for AdWords Advertising. As such, we receive information about all requirements and changes to maximize the results of our customers.


Experienced professionals

our experts have worked over thousands of campaigns and know all the details. Each year they are required to prove their level to Google to maintain their certificates.


Landing Pages

AdWords is the place where advertising starts, but after clicking on it, the user finds you on your site. It has been proven that using a specific landing page with marketing content and design increases the chance of selling a service or product by over 80%!


Transparency of results

After completing an advertising campaign, our team provides a detailed written report of what has happened. We analyze the results and make proposals for a future strategy. We work with you to achieve your goals.


Paid advertising on Google can be used for a variety of purposes:

Testing keywords that will later be used in your overall strategy that we can offer with our packages.
Inserting users into your brand-new website, such as building a website by our specialists. This will tell you whether it effectively offers your services. Promotions that are offered for a limited time and therefore are not suitable for optimization.
Testing potential new markets - Targeting a new city or country in AdWords is done with two clicks and just a few days later you can learn what your potential customers think about your suggestions.

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