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What is SEO optimization for website

The shortest answer is - what your business (website) can't do without! The meaning of SEO is literally search engine optimization. Its purpose is to bring your website to the forefront when typing certain keywords in online search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo, etc.). When a user needs information, he writes it in the form of a question, phrase, word and loads websites that match his search. Logically, when someone systematically takes care of the good optimization of one site, he appears ahead of the others and so there is a greater chance for the searcher to find the relevant business (products or services) and become a customer. It is important to emphasize that SEO optimization takes care of the organic or local positioning of your business in search. You'll also notice that there are certain sites that have "ads" in front of them. This is because they have paid for one, ie. this is not organic or local positioning according to search engine requirements. With a quality SEO optimization and its support, you will not have to pay for advertising. It has been proven that when searching on Google, users most often browse the first page (about 70%), sometimes reaching the second and very rarely the third. Optimization is not done once and requires specific knowledge and skills, so the best option is to hire a specialist in your marketing team or bet on an SEO agency. Often the second option is more preferred, as it is more cost-effective (many SEO agencies offer package services), and one agency has more specialists, which makes the services more comprehensive and effective.

How to do SEO optimization and what it involves

The first step is always an analysis of the current situation or the so-called. SEO audit, which we will look at a little below. Its purpose is to show how a site is evaluated by Google (the most used online search engine in our country, to which all SEO strategies are directed) at the moment and where to work for improvement in this direction.

A good marketing specialist also does a serious research of the business, the competitors and what "works" in the respective branch before making the strategy. When the results of these two steps are available, he / she can now structure the SEO optimization according to the needs of the site - with a focus on technical parameters, visualization, content (keywords, text length, formats, etc.) on link building etc.

Optimization requires time and effort. It also costs money, but the price for SEO optimization is quite acceptable and pays off in the long run.

You're probably wondering why you shouldn't just pay for advertising and head to the search engines without having to optimize your site. Surveys show that 70-80% of users miss sites marked "advertising" en masse. The reason is that users are skeptical about the quality of the offered services / products. They believe that paid sites offer expensive things that need massive advertising to be purchased. Google's organic positioning not only sells, but also builds consumer confidence in the product and the company. It is a kind of assessment of the quality and origin of the company.

SEO audit as a mandatory element in optimization

As mentioned, before starting with the optimization of a site, it should be subjected to SEO audit to determine to what extent it is currently "liked" by search engines. This process affects two aspects:

Internal SEO optimization

On-site SEO optimization focuses on the technical characteristics of your website. This includes analyzing a number of elements, some of which are domain and hosting, URL, titles and descriptions, images, internal links, keywords and pages, content - one of the most important elements for effective optimization.

External SEO optimization

External SEO optimization (Off-site SEO audit) includes analysis of external links and more specifically of the domains from which you receive them. This process is part of the so-called link building and is important for the "authority" of your site. If the domains in question are "liked" by Google, their links to your website raise the value and trust of the search engine and it pushes it to higher positions.

Even optimized, your site must undergo an SEO audit at least once a year, as the Internet environment is dynamic and constantly changing. The cost of an SEO audit varies depending on whether it is part of a package or a one-time service.

Choose keywords for site optimization

The basis of any site optimization is the discovery of keywords that work for the respective business. They are phrases that users use to search for certain information on the Internet through a search engine. Keywords should be checked periodically as searches change over time. This has been felt much more strongly in recent years, as voice search is becoming more relevant and more people are using this feature through their mobile devices to retrieve information. This also changes the frequently used search phrases. The positioning of these words for effective SEO-optimization is necessary not only in the content of a website, but also in the meta tags, the description of the images, the links, the URL of the pages and others. They are selected with specific web tools, which check the frequency of use of a particular word or phrase. Finding the right phrases for your business can also be done based on geographic location. Keep in mind that even if you find the relevant web tools, it is better to seek the services of an SEO specialist / agency, as they have the knowledge, practical experience and skills in this area.

How to register a site in search engines

Creating a website does not automatically make it visible to users. In many portals you will find the option to register a site in search engines, where you can offer your site for a visit. When you enter the full URL of your website, the search engine will look at the relevant page and enter some of its content into its database. Another way to register your site in search engines is to place links to it in other sites already indexed by Google (the more links you have from sites with high "authority" and low spam rating, the better). Search engines do not just go through the site's page once, but periodically collect and sort more information about it and the updates that have been made to it (therefore, SEO optimization requires consistency, not a one-time process). One of the most effective places to position the address of the site / specific page of it are large portals, established company sites, online catalogs, news sites with a large audience. If your business is limited in scope, build links to your website from relevant sites and portals in the area.

Do you need professional SEO services and consulting or can you do it by your self

As you can see, SEO optimization is a long and complex process that requires serious skills and expertise. Even if you read on the Internet how to optimize your website, the probability of doing it yourself is very small. We recommend that you take the best care of your business and entrust these processes to experts. The investment in SEO services and consulting is worth it and has a high return and efficiency over time. We at Royal Technology have been involved in SEO for over 10 years and have dozens of successful projects behind us. Welcome to us for a consultation.

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